Promotional video “Garden furniture from the Russian manufacturer TRIF-MEBEL” from our completed project in Greece

We present to your attention the promotional video of the TRIF-MEBEL furniture at a villa in Greece. This is one of the projects that we implemented from stem to stem, including the lighting design and the furnishing of the entire building and the adjacent lounge area.

For this project, we manufactured several sets of outdoor furniture: a dining table with chairs, two spacious sofas, two armchairs and a coffee table for the swimming pool area. The client opted for precious oak as the material for the seats and tabletops. The wood is not painted but necessarily soaked in teak oil. The base of every furniture item is an all-welded stainless steel frame, which embodies reliability, simple lines, and minimalist design. Watch the video to see what exquisite furniture we produced and how harmoniously it fits the villa design.


We thank the photographer Pygmalion Karatzas for the video materials prepared for TRIF.