New Level Of Global Promotion For TRIF!

Famous Photographer Pygmalion Karatzas Publishes A Photoshoot Of Our Greece-Porto Cheli Project.

TRIF's projects have piqued the interest of publications of international scale! Famous photographer Pygmalion Karatzas has done a photoshoot of one of our finished projects and published it on his official website. Caught in his lens is our private villa project in Greece (Porto Cheli, Argolis).

The professional specialization of Pygmalion Karatzas is the photography of industrial and architectural objects. All works of the maitre share one distinctive feature: long exposure. Perceiving the world dually, as an architect and a photographer, Pygmalion Karatzas manages to catch peculiar aspects of architecture in his inimitable shots. His landscape and still-life photographs are comparable to surrealistic paintings.

Within this project on the Greek Riviera, the Russian company TRIF performed the following works:

  • concept development;
  • architectural design;
  • interior design projects;
  • furniture manufacturing (by our subdivision TRIF-mebel);
  • landscape design;
  • manufacturing of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures;
  • construction supervision.
The large glazing area with the unique Sky-Frame window systems allowed us to implement the main concept of the project: no boundary between the interior and exterior spaces.