A photo session of TRIF's project in Greece by the recognized maitre of architectural photography Pygmalion Karatzas

One of TRIF's completed projects was published on the website of Pygmalion Karatzas, a world-renowned photographer.

He captured our Greek work, a private villa in Porto Heli, Argolis. Pygmalion Karatzas specializes in architectural and industrial photography. A distinctive feature of his works is the long exposure. As a photographer and an architect, Pygmalion has a dual perception of the surrounding world, which allows him to creates original and unique works. His still-life and landscape shots are frequently more reminiscent of surrealistic paintings than real objects.

In this project on the Greek Riviera, our company carried out the following scope of works:

  • concept development;

  • architectural design;

  • interior design project;

  • manufacture of furniture from solid wood (by our TRIF-mebel subdivision);

  • landscape design;

  • manufacture of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures (by our TRIF-light subdivision);

  • construction supervision.

A large glazing area was created using the unique Sky-Frame window systems. This allowed us to implement the cornerstone concept of the project: the absence of borders between interior and exterior spaces.

More than three hundred TRIF luminaires were employed in the project for illumination of the house and the adjacent area.